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Diving is fantastic, black tip sharks, barracuda, turtles, parrot fish, and stunning coral reefs. Planning a trip to the breathtaking anambas in 2020. We glad we choose anambas dive resort because it is close to tarempak, the main city of anambas island 15 minute by boat. Accompanied by the hotel representative we sailed to the island of batam. Surrounded by clear turquoise waters, blue lagoons and coral reefs, this pristine and previously uninhabited marine conservation area caters. View tripadvisors great deals on holiday homes and apartments in anambas islands, indonesia. The islands were featured by as one of asias top five tropical island paradises that is ideal for diving and snorkeling. If youre going to the amazing anambas islands by ferry in 2020. Get to know the locals and buy trinkets that you can share with your friends and families. Visit anambas famous penjalin island, with its beautiful long stretch of sand and stunning boulders. Take the fast ferry to anambas its the convenient, fun and. It is an amazing spot to watch the sunrise or sunset in the virgin island besides nongkat. From there, take an hour flight to matak island, anambas. If there s anything you need, do ask our anambas resort staff.

Im trying to organize a holiday there for myself and my family husband, 2yr old and 5 yr old. Going forward, i now always book an open return ticket from singapore. My post on the anambas as with the anambas islands, most people in natuna are malay, though there. Full details for the ferry to anambas can be found on the anambas ferry website cruise to anambas. This is a plane used to transport the companys staff and flies jakartabatam matak, operating daily except sundays. The islands themselves are nice with clear waters and reef sharks. Getting there nongkat island kepulauan anambas regency. The anambas archipelago contains a large reserve of natural gas that is exported to countries such as singapore and malaysia. The main anambas islands are pulau tarempah, pulau jemaja. Getting there was an adventure in itself, and it felt like being gradually removed from civilization. Click amazing anambas if youd like to have a look at all the fun and adventure there is to be had in the anambas islands. The island of matak is the main base for oil exploration. Matak is the outer island and the border between indonesiamalaysia.

Anambas islands are a group of islands in riau islands province, indonesia. Anambas islands 2020 all you need to know before you go. With time, there s hope the bawah anambas foundation can help to bridge the gap. The 10 best hotel deals in anambas islands apr 2020. Book your ferry to anambas online, realtime, safely and securely. Also, commuting locals rely on the ferry quite heavily for their to and fro traffic between the islands. The best anambas islands holiday rentals, holiday homes of. Simply put, there isnt much online information about anambas available just yet. Cruise in anambas fly over the blue clear water aboard a magnificent sailboat. All you need to know about status and policy of flights during corona virus outbreak. I got to do a sunset cruise around the island and a castaway picnic on coconut beach and can highly recommend both of these. Join me on my journey to one of the best getaways i have had in a while.

To book your flight from batam bth to anambas letung lmu airport, the best is to book directly your ticket on. The natuna islands are a long stretch of small islands heading from the northwest coast of borneo north into the south china sea. Disgusting for hygiene, with a disgusting attitude by staff and immigration officials. The 5 best hotels in anambas islands of 2020 with prices. First of all, obviously, youll need to get to batam or bintan, which from singapore is easy, because there are quite a few ferry crossings between singapore and batam and bintan. Anambas island anambas islands were featured in cnn as one of the best asias top five tropical island paradises. Anambas regency is home to 238 islands, but only some are inhabited. Pompongs run on diesel, so theyre slower but cheaper. On the island you can find clean beaches and beautiful view of waterfall accompanied by birds chirping and splashing water. It includes the islands of karimun, batam, bintan, singkeplingga, and the anambas and natuna island groups in the south china sea.

To book your flight from batam bth to anambas lmu airport, the best is to book directly your ticket on. Surrounded by clear turquoise waters, blue lagoons and coral reefs, this pristine and previously uninhabited marine conservation area caters to outdoor adventurers with an appetite for. In fact, coral gardens here are in a very robust state of health. Fast ferry you can take one of two fast ferry services that go to anambas. Both of these indonesian islands are about a one hours boat crossing from singapore. All our cruises around the anambas islands start from the north beach of pulau jemaja, very close by lethung airport airport code lmu where our crew will pick you up. First, we were picked up from our hotel in singapore we stayed at the six senses duxton and taken to the ferry terminal. Hey guys, im planning a trip to the anambas islands near year march 2017. Anambas ferry if you prefer to go to the anambas archipelago by ferry, then youll find all relevant details for your journey on this website. Dive anambas liveaboard nautica diving lob singapore. We headed to the quiet little town for some shopping and sightseeing.

So youre planning a holiday to the gorgeous anambas islands in 2020. For anyone that has stumbled on this site in their own research, please feel free to ask any questions of logistics, procedures and recommendations. Pulau bintan is an indonesian island, about 35 km south of singapore. If youre going to the amazing anambas islands by ferry in. One ferry departs from bintan, whilst the other departs from batam. This location used to be a base for offshore oil drilling and natural gas explorations, but is now a famous location with amazing coastal spots, crystal clear water and untouched coral reefs. The 10 best hotel deals in anambas islands updated apr. One more thing, booking your ferry tickets to anambas in advance is recommended, since there s just a single crossing per any given day. Flights to jemaja island, anambas islands lmu from usd 38. Since anambas is an archipelago, the only way to move between the islands is by boat. Anambas locals welcomes all to their humble town of tarempa.

Diving anambas as a result of the remoteness of the anambas islands and their very low human population density, the archipelagos marine environment is still pretty much untouched. One could get there either by ferry or if you are daring enough, by motorbike going up and down steep slopes. Enveloped by lush tropical greenery and azure blue ocean, bawah reserve rests in sheltered carefree seclusion 160 nautical miles 300km northeast of singapore in indonesias remote anambas archipelago. The main town of siantan is a 20minute ride from the anambas resort.

Island hopping is clearly one of the recommended things to do. If you still want to go i can talk you through how to get there. Earlier the islands were better known as a base for off shore oil drilling and natural gas explorations,but today anambas has gained popularity among divers on account of its pristine corals and azure seas where whalesharks may suddenly appear. Depending on the day, travel to either tanjung pinang or batam. As far as im aware, there are currently no commercial flights to the anambas islands, though that might change in the future. Getting to anambas there are three ways to get to the anambas archipelago. Most people in the anambas are malay, but there are also communities of chinese, javanese, and people from west kalimantan. Approximately 100 nautical miles from singapore, the anambas islands is a cluster of islands that are part of the riau archipelago of indonesia located at the south china sea between natuna islands and singapore. Beach drop off and picnics are signature experiences so please pre book these before you arrive, you wont regret it. Flights holiday rentals restaurants things to do anambas islands tourism. If youre looking for a hotel or resort to book, then you may not be able to find a lot of information online. Wings air is a low cost airline branch of lion air, they count a fleet of 65 atr72 planes, operating shorthaul flights widely throughout indonesian islands and neighbouring countries.

Tanjung pinang, bintan to jemaja island, anambas islands flights. Book bawah reserve, anambas islands on tripadvisor. Ive done a bit of reading and found out that you can get to the islands by a boat from tanjung pinang but what i cant seem to find out is the schedule for this boat ride like when does the boat depart and how do i book the tickets for it. Immerse yourself in paradise, book your room at anambas resort current time at anambas resort. The anambas islands are located between singapore and the natuna islands in the south china sea. Hi, does anyone know the name of the fast speedboat company which travels to the anambas islands.

Book your ecolodge help us preserving anamabas by staying in our ecovillage. This post aims to put up some detailed information for independent travelers wanting to visit the islands, and is a followup to my post on the nearby anambas islands. This is a plane used to transport the companys staff and flies jakartabatammatak, operating daily except sundays. Well gladly assist with any question, inquiry or request. Flights vacation rentals restaurants things to do anambas islands tourism. Anambas island guide anambas islands forum tripadvisor. With all my travel experience, the anambas ferry was one of the most disgusting journeys i ever did. Tanjung pinang tnj, bintan to jemaja island lmu, anambas islands, price from usd 46. If you have an adventurous spirit and love to come to new places yet touched by many, then come to matak. From there, you can hop on a short 1520 minutes car ride to the nearest jetty and even shorter 1015 minutes boat ride to reach nongkat. The principal islands are siantan on which is situated the main town of tarempa, matak, mubur, jemaja and kiabu airbiru. First of all, obviously, youll need to get to batam or bintan, which from singapore is easy, because there are quite a few ferry crossings. But bawah reserve in indonesias anambas islands showed us that if there s a will, there are many ways. Private island nongkat island kepulauan anambas regency.

Even anambas a pristine islands, but now easy to reach, tarempa and jemaja each has public seaport and airport, both can reach from batam dan tanjung pinang. Booking your ferry tickets to anambas online is recommended, as there is only a single ferry. Things to do while holidaying on the anambas islands. The riau islands province came into existence in july, 2004, when it was separated from neighboring riau province on the island of sumatra. And from what we can tell, luxury private islands might actually be the most ecounfriendly option, since guests, supplies and staff travel longer journeys to reach island paradise.

There is also a weekly plane from bintan to letong. Review of bawah reserve asias luxury private island. If you prefer to go to the anambas archipelago by ferry from the indonesian island of batam, then youll find all relevant. Typically, coral coverage is considerable at virtuay all locations, and climatelinked bleeching. Dive in anambas respect the ecosystem and get back unique feeling. The journey to bawah reserve starts in singapore, and you will be collected from your accommodation by a private luxury car and escorted on the 30minute ferry to the indonesian island of batam. To book your flight from batam bth to anambasletung lmu airport, the best is to book directly your ticket on. Find the best anambas islands regency hotel with traveloka.

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